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Learning Through Music

At Bright Bees, we love nothing more than dancing and clapping along to a great beat, and not just because it’s a whole lot of fun.

Here are some of the benefits of music in an Early Childhood Education setting, and some of the reasons we incorporate it into our curriculum.

  1. Music can improve coordination Learning to clap, nod or dance to a beat helps our little ones to develop gross motor coordination, control and spacial awareness.

  2. Music connects people When we listen to a piece of music together, or even create our own, the shared experience can bring a whole room together. This helps our little ones to form bonds with their peers and educators.

  3. Music spurs creativity A recent study has shown that when we listen to upbeat and inspiring music, we have an increase in our creative thinking, which is the kind of thinking that includes curiosity, willingness to take risks and persistence.

  4. Music celebrates our diversity. Music often forms part of a culture’s narrative. Chanting, rhyming, singing, dancing and playing musical instruments has been used by cultures for centuries as a means of sharing stories.

  5. Music makes us feel good, and can balance our mood Music can lift children’s moods and energise them for action, or can be used to slow down or regulate heart and breathing rates through a repetitive, musical beat.

  6. Music helps us learn When our little ones hear music..specifically music at 60 beats per minute, their brains become more receptive to learning due to the altering of the wave patterns of the brain to become a pattern that is more receptive to learning.

  7. Music helps us listen Music can help to stimulate our little one’s active listening skills, through games such as pointing out when music stops and starts, gets louder or quieter, faster or slower.

  8. Music can help us relax Listening to compilations of music combined with nature sounds can help get our little one ready to rest after a busy day of learning.

If you’re interested in understanding more about our Bright Bees curriculum, you can read more here, or here, or please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing

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