Our Rooms

We have 9 rooms, catering from six months to six years.


Infants:  6 months – 12 months

  • In the bunnies room we have a ratio of 4 children to every educator

  • Babies in the bunnies room keep to their own routines to ensure they feel happy, secure and settled during their time with us

Foxes And Elephants

Babies: 1 – 2 years

  • In the Foxes and Elephant room we have a ratio of 4 children to every educator

  • All the activities in the room are geared towards building on Infants self regulation and gross motor development

  • Infants keep to their own routines to ensure they feel happy, secure and settled during their time with us

  • Our educators cater for Infants every need and provide for their development through a wide variety of activities and experiences.

Koalas, Monkeys and Tigers

Toddlers:  2 – 3 years


  • In our Toddler rooms, we have a ratio of 5 children to every educator

  • For our Toddlers, we offer a range of carefully planned activities that are relevant, imaginative, creative and challenging.  A wide variety of experiences will help to stimulate and encourage your child’s development

  • Our Toddlers will be developing their physical skills and will be starting to settle into their own pace. We provide toddlers with a regular routine through expected activities, such as mealtimes, stories or nap time.

  • Our Toddlers will be getting to know other children and the educators  and many of the activities in this room are designed to develop important social skills, such as co-operation and turn taking

  • Our Toddlers are beginning to develop a sense of self, we provide experiences and activities that encourage independence and confidence as they begin to develop self-awareness, helping our little ones to feel self- assured and secure

Pandas and Penguins

Pre-School: 3 – 5 years


  • In the Pre-school room we have a ratio of 11 children to every educator

  • Our Pre-school children have a natural curiosity and ability to learn which is encouraged by our educators through positive input and interaction

  • In this room we provide children with well-planned activities and tasks, well as resources that inspire and encourage our little preschoolers to initiate their own learning

  • We equip our pre-school children with the skills to prepare them for school, and we encourage them to explore, ask questions and socialise with other children


  • We provide a balance of adult-led activities, such as story time, with child-initiated play. We make sure resources are easily accessible so that children can follow their own interests and can take the initiative in their own learning.

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