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Benefits of a natural learning environment

When we were designing our centre, we knew that we wanted to have a clean, bright and natural environment in which to build our community. We wanted our little ones to learn in an inviting and fresh environment, that is the continuation of the natural beauty that surrounds us in Canberra.

And although we think it looks great, the decision for us wasn’t purely aesthetic. There are a number of benefits to a natural learning environment like ours:

1. Having a clean, ordered, and light environment for learning and play is calming and helps children to feel secure and familiar with the space in which they’re interacting.

2. A natural environment that reflects the outdoors invites exploration, openness, spontaneity and discovery.

3. Introducing children at a young age to a natural environment gives them an appreciation for nature, helps them to develop environmental awareness, and provides a platform for ongoing environmental education.

4. Modern toys are often designed to amuse, and can be overly distracting in certain situations. Wooden toys are often simple in design, which inspires creative and imaginative play, and the natural and unique texture of wood encourages sensory exploration.

5. Having an inviting outdoor space encourages outdoor play, which leads to healthier, happier, more resilient and confident children.

If you haven’t been to check out our brand new centre, contact us to book in for a tour on 02 6147 0930 - we’d love to meet you and your little ones.

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